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4 Tips for Business Owners to Win at Work and Limit Stress

4 Tips for Business Owners to Win at Work and Limit Stress
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Anyone who thinks Santa’s workload is full in anticipation of the holidays should take a gander at the to-do list of a business owner — from employee reviews to preparing for next year’s goals, the hours are long and good help is often scarce. As a business owner yourself, you know how hectic this time of year can be: holiday parties, gift-buying for family, and preparing and sending out special end-of-the-year thank you gifts for each of your clients. Happily, you can tap into help. Idea to Plan can assist you in creating business plans that propel you forward, including in-depth analysis of your business, marketing, and financial needs. First, here are 4 tips for Business owners to win at work and limit stress and get it all done:

1. Make a list

Many people report feeling more overwhelmed than joyful or happy around the holiday season. Using a to-do list to prioritize tasks is a great help. Mark which items are time-sensitive, the ones that require extra help, and which ones require other work first — for instance, you might need to first write performance reviews, then deliver each.

Be mindful of deadlines and get your most urgent projects completed first, but throw in a few small, easier tasks as you go. Not only can it help you feel like you got even more done at the end of the day, it’s good to give your brain a brief break from the panic of a looming deadline.

2. Delegate

A strong leader knows how to delegate, and it’s especially important during the month of December when quite a few people may be out of the office. Make the most of who is available to help and be able to recognize which assignments don’t need your direct oversight. See it as an opportunity to coach and build your workers. If your next-in-command has been wanting a little extra responsibility, give them a project to own. Ask supervisors to step up and complete some of the menial work their subordinates are normally in charge of — do they see any opportunities to improve the process?

Delegate at home, too! This is one area where business owners overlook opportunities to lighten their load. For example, many working moms and dads have kids at school. So, they can get together and come up with an attack plan for the holiday season. They can combine efforts to make party snacks, rotated carpooling duties, and volunteer to babysit during gift-buying outings. By working together, they spread their responsibilities around so that they aren’t all constantly overwhelmed. And a community, likewise, is built.

3. Show your appreciation

When you’re working practically non-stop, it’s easy to forget to give thanks — but it’s the most hectic times that are the most important to show appreciation. You might consider writing thank you notes to each employee, perhaps with a $5 coffee gift card.

Most importantly, though, do say thank you every chance you get. Even if it’s for an assignment someone turns in each and every week, be sure you make a point to thank them for their consistent good work. If you’re busy at the moment, write them a sincere note of thanks later.

As always, don’t forget to bring the gratitude home. Find little ways to show your partner you appreciate them, and make a point of being specific about what they’ve done lately to lighten your load. Say thanks to friends or neighbors who have helped out — a basket of muffins or cookies and a heartfelt note can go a long way!

4. Take time for yourself to Limit stress

It sounds counter-intuitive, right? But getting adequate time to rest and relax is important to your overall health — mentally and physically. Commit to giving yourself at least an hour of time off every single day. You might want to go to the gym for a quick workout, stop by to see your mother, or take a long bath. Do something that makes you happy and gives your brain a chance to recharge.

Be on the lookout for some common signs of poor mental health, such as disrupted sleep, irritability or high emotion, losing joy, change in appetite, low energy levels, and worsening physical symptoms that seem to have no medical cause. Making a few simple changes can help you reduce stress and enjoy a more balanced and positive life. Ensure you eat healthy foods, get some exercise, and address your environment. Adding a handful of houseplants and letting more sunlight into your space can make a surprising impact on your mood.

If you’re a tenured business owner, keep in mind that last year probably seemed just as hectic and you still managed to survive it. If this was your first major year, look ahead to next year when you’ll have the experience to know how to handle the winter chaos. Keep your head up, and before you know it all of your to-do lists will be completed!



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