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Appreciate your Technical department for sustainability

Appreciate your Technical department
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In most small to medium enterprises (SME’s), the technical department is highly overshadowed and underrated by the departments that go public. In most businesses and companies, departments such as marketing, public relations and management get the most attention and respect as well as resources. However, if you examine these departments they all have one common reliance, the technical department, a department that larks in the shadows contributing to almost everything that the rest of the business/ company does. The marketing department will need the technical people to create campaigns, maintain websites, presentations and visuals to meet their demands. In the public relations department, the technical person will be required to create impressive and creative ways to get the public relations message, and in the management department, oooh!…. this department gets all their needs delivered by the technical people; proposals, letters, press statements, graphical aided presentations. Yet, somehow, the technical people still remain a shadow departments, sometimes operating in overcrowded, unappealing sections of the office, its time to appreciate your technical department.

To drive some perspective, think about the last awesome, advertisement poster you saw. The one with a bold manager’s face on it, catchy phrases and an appealing look. What comes to mind, I bet it’s not the person that worked to make it as appealing but rather “that’s great marketing” we all could say. Look at some of the most capable companies out there, the large companies that have a dedicated technical department, they all have achieved great success by recognizing the importance of that person, the person you call and say “Hey, I need a new marketing campaign design, I need it ASAP!” and they deliver a campaign poster that you obliviously take credit for. Appreciating the technical department does not mean giving them the pleasantries of going public, but rather recognizing what they do and ensuring that they are a part of the business and they certainly feel like it.

Some business only realize the importance of certain technical people once they have left the business/ company in search of better opportunities for growth and implementation of their skills, since most of the people in these departments are the creative types. Don’t wait for the day that you will need to get something done but can’t because you don’t have the slightest idea how to implement financial figures graphically, in a way that conveys a simple message because you technical guy left for some other organization. Or maybe, the security of your businesses’ data is at risk because the only person capable of maintaining it left.

  This is what you could do to appreciate the technical department people  
1 Give them the adequate resources to do their work, it is the only department that multitasks, the departments that puppets your business indirectly.  
2 Treat them like equal team members of your business. They may not be well versed with what you need for your business but, they are the only ones able to implement you thoughts into actionable resources.  
3 They are creative people, they each have unique ways of implementing business requirements. If they get the job done the way you like, just know it will be extremely difficult to get a replacement, and if you do, it will take a while to achieve what you previously had. The simplest way is to create an environment that encourages them to stay on. Skills match, creativity doesn’t!  
4 Don’t let them go just because they automated operations of your business. We are living in a world with a fast paced level of innovation that sometimes lenders that technical person a useless use of additional resources, but do not forget that, even an automated operation, even those that rely on AI require a technical person’s intervention to continuously deliver results.  
5 The technical people can make or break your business. Take care! There are scenarios where businesses have gone under because the technical department made a blunder, don’t’ let that happen to you. If they feel non-appreciated, they throw caution to the wind and you cannot remedy that.  



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