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Last Updated on: July 25, 2020 by Joseph Muriithi

Ethics and social responsibility is the moral description of a mind involving a systematic way to defend and recommend the understanding between what is right and wrong in a business. Concern is paid to all our business ethics, ethics and social responsibility in a business creates room for development, personal interest and entrepreneurship growth all together. I believe each and every one has the responsibility to input efforts that ensure employees relate and work as a team towards achieving and realizing the company’s goals and perspectives. Team work contributes the higher percentage of a business model achievement. When employees relate to a coordinated system, a conducive environment is created in a business work place, employees work together, help each other, work solutions out and a business grows strategically.

Mangers working to ensure the coordinated system works often find themselves in a dilemma which include making decisions that does not apply to the set rules and regulations. As a manager I would break the business rules and regulations regarding an employee’s contract. I would terminate their contract before due if they don’t love to the company’s expectations and goals.

The importance of ethics and social responsibilities

For example: A banking platform as offered by any bank in the world constitutes a consumer related approach that guarantees customer satisfaction at all times. The banks create a platform whereby customers interact with the bank employees to realize customer’s goals and target are met. By doing this the banks faces a lot of social responsibilities that triggers weaknesses and success altogether. These includes;

Social responsibilities

  • Establishing a corporate responsibility that reports governance issues to the board to directors.
  • Environment responsibility that ensures commitment to environmental works.
  • Simplified product and service delivery system to all clients

Social irresponsibility’s

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