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High Quality Luxury Towels Sale Sample Business Plan

High Quality Luxury Towels Sale Sample Business Plan
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Executive Summary

This High Quality Luxury Towels Sale Sample Business Plan details a company that was established by ##### in #### as a Retail Outlet Dealing In High Quality Luxury Towel developed from the finest Turkish cotton. The company is looking forward to creating a United States market presence by being a new player in the United States for luxury towel, linen, and apparel Industry.

The company’s goal is to become a key player that provides quality Luxury towels to the larger United States community from its online outlets, ecommerce stores and web stores. The company will offer the highest quality Luxury towels available in the market with exceptional customer service and delivery that will protect the company from competition patterns, market challenges and profitability patterns.

This High Quality Luxury Towels Sale Sample Business Plan has been prepared to lay down the fundamental and core business strategies that showcases the company’s marketing approach, management practices, operational strategies, profitability, and value addition competencies that will propel the business productivity in the United States. Furthermore, this business plan will showcase the resource allocation, and funding scheme requirement for the United Sates market entry.


ITP Soft Linen LLC will be focused on fulfilling the needs of luxury towel lovers in the larger United States Community distinctly produced from the finest Turkish cotton. By offering high quality luxury towels through diligence, trust and commitment to customer satisfaction, the company will fulfill the needs of the customers while achieving incremental revenues and profits annually.

Market need

The United States Luxury market is growing fiercely due to the spurring economic activity that has seen the population earn higher disposable cash incomes over the years. With this trend, the population is looking for fine luxury products from the apparel products as such delivered by the company. ITP Soft Linen LLC will offer quality luxury towels developed from Turkish cotton, which is ranked Number one quality cotton globally. With operations in the United States, the company will be in a position to offer competitive market prices with no huge shipping charges addition thus giving customer value for their money, speed of delivery and effectiveness of service. Furthermore, the big brands in the quality towels industry are expensive and they do not service the end consumer effectively. ITP Soft Linen LLC will bridge this gap and serve the end consumer effectively by giving them quality towels at a reasonable price.

Value addition practices

The company will deliver value addition practices to the larger United States community through; Job creation in the shipping and delivery function of the company, inter-company engagement of vendors and distributors that spurs a supply chain model.

Strategic alliances

The company has formed alliances with various American based companies for various partnership efforts; the company has partnered with a US based distribution company for Luxury towels, ###

Product & Service Summary

ITP Soft Linen LLC buys and sells high quality luxury towels. These luxury Towels are made from Fine quality Turkish cotton which is ranked the best cotton globally. The company buys luxury towels directly from the Importer, ### textiles and sells the luxury towels through various online channels and platforms, this Company is the leading supplier of quality towels to other big brands. These are;

  • The company has an Amazon Web store with FBA prime. This company has the best in the world fulfilment network that stores the Luxury towels, package and ship to respective customers on time and provide customer feedback.
  • Online web store (ecommerce store). The company sells the towels from an online store with automated payment gateways and shipment and forwarding services.

The various luxury towels products being sold by the company are;

  • Hand towels
  • Bath towels
  • Sports towels
  • Kitchen towels
  • Sweat/gym towels
  • Beach towels
  • Show towels

Other services offered by ITP Soft Linen LLC are;

  • Printing shipping labels for all packages and shipments to customers
  • Packaging towels at warehouse
  • Coordinating shipping with companies such has UPS, USPS, and FedEx
  • Picking services
  • Customer service
  • Developing custom made towel designs and quantity.

Market Summary

Industry overview

ITP Soft Linen LLC products are inclined to the Home furnishing industry that retails home furnishing products such as curtains, sheets, linens, towels, blinds, shades and more. This industry is in its mature stage in its lifecycle. Over a 10 year period to 2021,its industry value added (IVA), which measures the industry’s contribution to GDP, is forecasted to increase at an annualized rate of 3.3%, which is above GDP’s growth of 2.2% per year over the same 10-year period according to IBIS world. This growth can be characterized by the improving economic conditions, such as rising consumer confidence, disposable income and homeownership levels. These factors are anticipated to drive growth and thus competition will be expected to intensify. According to IBIS World (https://www.ibisworld.com/industry/default.aspx?indid=1019), this industry has a revenue of $34 billion in 2016 and annual growth averaging 3.5% between 2012 and 2017. The industry employs 190,252 individuals spread across 31,522 businesses.

United States apparel and accessories retail ecommerce revenues growth.



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