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Lacking Ambition
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Lacking the ambition for schooling, reading and undertaking any academic classes was enough to put schools at the top of my most hated list. Back in January 2000 when by my parents dropped on the news that I had to be relocated to another county to pursue my college degree was definitely not the kind of news to get me totally overwhelmed but the kind that drives you mad at the decision makers. Hailing from the countryside, I had no idea how I would cope up with the town life, the buzzed residents and most of all the college education life itself.

Without the ability to say no the decision, my dad was so strict and principled with education. I had to move to and embark on a journey that I have changed my life to the fullest. Whoever said that necessity is the mother of invention had clearly overlooked the saying to be specifically for me although I did not see that from the beginning. I have learned a new way of life, interacting with different races, and most of all importance of pursuing an academic course that I am now relying on to put food on my table and financial growth. I am currently a Data Analyst and Writer who is trying to set minds right for the youngsters like me who hate education.

You can’t have a goal without determination, because without the determination the goal will die.

For lacking ambition:― Patrick L. Turner

I am planning on advancing my career in the near future, this will help me achieve my total goals and put me in a position to cater for my family as am soon looking forward to getting married, get my own kids and raise them morally instilling knowledge into their young minds about the importance of education.



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