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Perseverance is the key to a successful business

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Most people who have started businesses and failed did so because they did not have enough perseverance a key to a successful business. When starting a business, there are up and downs and in most cases, the downs outweigh the ups and only time, effort and perseverance can change the odds in you favor. Unlike an ordinary job, running a business means going that extra mile every day to accomplish something to be a leader. While you can take that extra mile, you will not always have the results to show for your hard. This kills the morale of most people and frankly, they quit when they cannot achieve results for their input. Using perseverance, the following is key to a successful business;


During startup, it will take time to see the results of you handwork. Be patient and do not deviate from what you are doing just because results do not reflect it. Over time, your efforts are going to pay back in ten folds.


Running a business is not like a day job where you can rest, and put in minimum effort and still receive a paycheck at the end of the month. For a business, you get what you put in, if you give your business 20 minutes of your time, it will give you the same. Putting the effort, tough it out and ultimately your time to rest will come. Below is a business process that I have formulated to ease it in;

Business process from start-up till maturity

From the above flow chart, it is critical that you give in maximum effort to your business during start-up and the growth stages. The effort you give in here, will determine the fruits your business will bear when it is fully established. The key process is;

  • During the start-up of your business you are going to give your business more than you get from it. So persevere!
  • When your business is growing, you are going to get what you put in. The amount of effort you give will be equal to what your business gives back. So tough it out here!
  • When your business is fully established, it is going to give you more than you put in. This is the time to enjoy, and run your business smoothly


Discipline yourself to your work schedule. A business requires a consistent plan. Make sure you stick to what you ought to do even if all other reasons say you shouldn’t. We are all human beings and loosing hope is our characteristic, a business game is a tough one and there are times when you will not feel like doing it anymore, during these times, gather some strength and do it, discipline yourself to doing it every single time. In no time you are going to be relieved.



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