Appointment Mobile App Business Plan

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This Medical Appointment Mobile App Business Plan details a start for the development of an appointments mobile app. The “Medical Appointment- App” is a mobile smartphone application that eliminates all the pain of scheduling a doctor’s appointment. It uses a smartphone application to save doctors and their patients’ time from having to organize meetings and stay in communication with the doctor’s office.


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This Medical Appointment Mobile App Business Plan outlines a start plan for the development of an App that simplifies the relationships between doctors and their patients and enables a patient to never have to call the doctor’s office. It will do this by building a cloud based mobile application that enables users to set-up appointments by communicating directly with the doctor’s schedule, notify doctors automatically if they are running late and create a patient profile to expedite the check-in process to save time and simplify the check-up procedure to increase efficiency.

Market Need Identified

All of the current applications on the market are one-way, that is, they do not communicate with the doctors and merely serve as an advanced calendar app and to-do list. “Medical Appointment- App” has developed a system that communicates with the doctors, thus, enabling the application to benefit the doctors as much as it does the patients. The closest competitors also charge a fee for all application versions, whereas the free version of “Medical Appointment- App” is completely free for patients to promote mass adoption.

This Medical Appointment Mobile App Business Plan target needs are clear, doctors need a method of reaching greater efficiency to manage a larger number of clients with greater levels of quality control and loyalty. Between the years 2008 to 2012, doctors have experienced a decrease in the number of daily visitations. This may be due to greater competition amongst doctors given than there has been a decrease in the number of doctors that are ‘overextended and overworked’, a general increase in the health within the United States or due to clients demanding a greater degree of detail. Regardless of the details, this implies that doctors are losing daily maximum revenues and the application can help to improve all of the above points. Even if the general health is improving within the nation, the application can encourage more frequent regular checkups.


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