Californian Cuisine Business Plan


A Business Plan for Californian Cuisine Restaurant that offers International creative food, Californian cuisine, and a style of service that will make everyone feel welcome and special. Food products will be of the finest quality and prepared with sensitivity and care.


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Executive Summary

This Californian Cuisine Restaurant Business Plan has been prepared in an attempt to raise funds and capital required to structure the restaurant. The main required for this art-up is $50,000 sourced as a commercial loan. The loan amount will be used to develop the Californian Cuisine Restaurant Business Plan and kick-start the project as soon as the development has been completed.

The restaurant will be located {}. This location has experienced massive population growth over the years. This growth offers the best strategically oriented business location. The restaurant’s planning has a 100-seating capacity and 50 persons lounge capacity that will be developed to comfort and pleasure.

Product & Service Summary

The company will be serving a range of dining commodities that go hand in hand to present the best dining experience. The main servings that will be available are foods, wine, beer, juices and spirits. To complement each serving, the company will be majoring in major local farms and Californian cuisine. This product is popular around California but surprisingly very few restaurants have the ability to produce the best California style cuisine around the geographical location.

A wide variety of wines will be offered ranging from Italian tastes, South African tastes and many more. This will give each diner the freedom of choice and experimentation. For beer lovers and patrons, the restaurant will be serving beers, whiskies, and spirits to alcohol lovers. This will be accompanied by extended working hours for the pleasure of the patrons. All the above products will be prepared and served by experienced culinary staff and presented by good customer care representatives. This will ensure each customer gets the desired dining experience they deserve.

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