Live & Potted Plants (Succulents) Business Plan Sample: Ecommerce Store

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This business Plan Sample [Live & Potted Plants (Succulents) Business Plan Sample] details how to start an online store Providing unique, eclectic and affordable live plants (live trees, flowers, succulents, shrubs and bushes), The plan is intended to help you to generate a fair return to finance continued growth and expanded community involvement



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This Business Plan Sample Details ITP’s live plants [Live & Potted Plants (Succulents) Business Plan Sample], a start-up retail ecommerce store offering live plants to consumers wanting to create a personalized home/office environment – that “I’m home” feeling. ITP’s live plants will be located in ###. The company will be serving customers across United States in demand for those expressions of individual personality and style to the natural environment. In addition to the offering of unique plants, unparalleled customer service, quality, value will complement the customer experience.

ITP’s live plant will be offering plant education and detailed information regarding the live plants that will be available in their online stores. This will ensure customers choose the best live plants for their style and purpose. This will not only inform the customers, but, it will be a step to bringing the customers closer to their environment. The main products in this plan are; live trees, flowers, succulents, shrubs and bushes and other goods commonly supplied by nursery gardeners or florists for planting or ornamental use



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