Mobile Game Development Business Plan

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This business Plan details how to start a research and development business for the development of mobile gaming applications. These applications are based on the iOS and Android environments and can be accessed via mobile devices. The company specializes in development of games that enables users to interact with their offline and real environments.


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This business plan outlines a start up plan for a  mobile game development company that you can use to present to investors or for management and administration. The following target markets and market need are outlined in this plan.

Target market

This Mobile Game Development Business Plan is specifically targeting the mobile community that is commonly using smart phones and tablet computers. This two sectors have a high market potential and growth as indicated in the above graph giving the company a slice of the he market share.

Market need

The todays society has turned to mobile devices for the everyday social life and entertainment. This has seen dependence on iOS and Android devices grow tremendously. Basing ITP games on this environment and mobile dependence, the company will join the entertainment society that build a social life via entertainment on these platforms for the huge number of users depending on their mobile devices for entertainment and social life.

Note: ITP is a Mock-up Company used in the Business Plan


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