Soccer Training and Performance Business Plan

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Soccer Training and Performance Enhancement Services Business wants to be a leader that employs cutting edge technology to empower all soccer players and enable them be the best in skills, fitness, and achievements while generating profits for the owner and investors.


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Soccer Training and Performance Business Plan is a start-up establishment offering soccer training and performance enhancement services through employment of centralized soccer training offered using technological Toca training equipment and Hi-Pod soccer filming for analysis, and performance enhancement. The company will offer this services at a centralized indoor soccer training facility, public soccer fields and filming at different location desired by members and trainees. This business plan Illustrates a start-up business offering;

Soccer training

The company will offer soccer specific training to individuals, teams by use of elite performance coach, private trainers, and guidance services to soccer players. Soccer players will be trained for physical fitness, agility and soccer skills enhancement to ensure every player attains the best their skills and develop higher paced playing ability. This training services will be offered in an indoor training facility owned by the company, and public fields.

Performance technology

The company will offer Toca training services to members and soccer players. This service will ensure players achieve their best in soccer concentration, core skills analysis and performance scaling. The company will also be offering filming services with the use of Hi-Pod technology to enable players and coaches analyze their key competencies in matches, and tactical capabilities.


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