Transport Services, Freight and Logistics Business Plan


This business plan features a Transport Services Business whose mission is to deliver accurate, reliable and efficient management of logistics through dispatch services to ensure seamless deliveries of oversize loads from one destination to the next. This plan will involve operating in partnership with distributions centers, warehouses, and wholesalers to ease drivers Jobs and assume accountability of freight hauling


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Transport Services LLC is a start-up establishment operating as a dispatcher in the United States. The company will serve businesses, personal carriers, and individuals with different oversize loads delivery, and logistics needs from one destination to the other. The company will help manage and schedule freight destination, drivers, and customers. The company will ensure oversize loads and other load types are delivered to customers and vendors swiftly, accurately, and efficiently.

Transport Services LLC will provide transportation dispatch services for persons/ individuals, companies, and vendors required to haul heavy, bulk, and oversize products and goods. The company will facilitate and enable one hire a truck, mange delivery, and track the freight from the point of dispatch to destination efficiently to ensure they receive their goods on time, in-shape, and efficiently.

These services will be provided for truckload (TL) and less that Truckload (LTL) oversize loads of for hire, and private carriers. These categories require destination to destination freights on a timely and effective way.



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