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Starting a Small Business as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Starting a Small Business as a Stay-at-Home Parent
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When you’re a stay-at-home parent, starting a small business can be one of the best ways to stay busy. It’s also a fantastic way to take hold of your financial future with a schedule that works for you. You’re a parent, first, after all. If you’re interested in starting a small business at home, keep reading for some great tips and resources from Idea To Plan!

Starting a Small Business

When you try starting a small business as a stay-at-home parent, there are a number of steps you’ll need to follow to get things moving in the right direction. Take some time to look at these steps below!

1. Write a Business Plan

A business plan is required for any small business owner. Business plans provide a framework for your business. They include what your business will be focused on, as well as the legal details of your business. Things like business structure and certifications are included in the business plan.

2. Secure Funding

Starting a small business isn’t always cheap. Depending on the kind of business you’d like to start, you may need to secure funding. Thankfully, small business loans and grants are available to small business owners!

3. Establish a Presence

We live in the age of the internet. In order for your business to be successful, you’ll need to establish an online presence. This means making social media pages for your business, as well as a website. Don’t get caught in the stone age!

4. Market Your Business

After your online presence is established, you’ll need to market your business. Consider using promotional materials, as well as a marketing agency, to get the word out about your small business.

Tips and Tricks for Growth

Because we’re living in the digital age, starting a small business is easier than ever. There are a few tips and tricks to consider, though. First, be sure that you’re using advanced software. Advanced software solutions for payroll, inventory, and scheduling are going to help you run your business more efficiently. You’ll also need to keep your inventory straight, and at some point, writing on boxes with a marker won’t cut it. Luckily, you can make great looking labels in no time with this free program.

Also, never miss out on revenue opportunities! Always be sure that customers can send payments and make purchases on your website. If they can’t, you may miss out on sales, which no business owner wants.

Some Small Business Ideas

Check out this list of small business ideas we’ve put together for stay-at-home parents!

  1. Tutoring Services: Tutors are always going to be needed as long as kids are going to school. Starting a tutoring service can be quite lucrative, depending on the services you offer.
  2. Virtual Assistant Services: More and more, other business professionals are looking for virtual assistants to help them manage their day-to-day activities. Starting a virtual assistant business is becoming more and more popular.
  3. Media Editing: This can pertain to photos, videos, or podcasts! It’s an easy job to do, and you can teach yourself how by watching a few videos online. With most media being digital, this is a business that will last a long time.

Don’t see a business idea that fits you? That’s okay! There are a ton of small businesses that can be done by stay-at-home parents! Get started on your small business plan today!

At Idea To Plan, we have brought together a team of business planners skilled in business management, marketing strategists, business financial analysis and creative writers who together work to craft business plans tailored to fit your specific business needs. We’d love to hear from you!



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