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Soccer Training and Performance Enhancement Services Business Plan

Soccer Training and Performance Enhancement Services Business
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Executive Summary

Soccer Training and Performance Enhancement Services Business is a start-up establishment offering soccer training and performance enhancement services through employment of centralized soccer training offered using technological Toca training equipment and Hi-Pod soccer filming for analysis, and performance enhancement. The company will offer this services at a centralized indoor soccer training facility, public soccer fields and filming at different location desired by members and trainees.

This business plan has been prepared to lay down the fundamental and core business strategies of operation that will enhance business performance through marketing strategies, business positioning, management structure, and analysis of financial performance over three years.

This business plan will further define the scope of rendered services, pricing and how they will be competitive in the market. Furthermore, this pan will outline the means of attaining the necessary capital from owner and outside investors, and a business loan required to start the facility and assume commercialization. This plan will also be used in a continuous basis in evaluation of the company’s mission, goals, and productivity achievement.



Soccer Training and Performance Enhancement Services Business wants to be a leader that employs cutting edge technology to empower all soccer players and enable them be the best in skills, fitness, and achievements while generating profits for the owner and investors.

Product & Service Summary

Soccer Training and Performance Enhancement Services Business will offer soccer specific training services under the following categories;

Soccer training

The company will offer soccer specific training to individuals, teams by use of elite performance coach, private trainers, and guidance services to soccer players. Soccer players will be trained for physical fitness, agility and soccer skills enhancement to ensure every player attains the best their skills and develop higher paced playing ability. This training services will be offered in an indoor training facility owned by the company, and public fields.

Performance technology

The company will offer Toca training services to members and soccer players. This service will ensure players achieve their best in soccer concentration, core skills analysis and performance scaling. The company will also be offering filming services with the use of Hi-Pod technology to enable players and coaches analyze their key competencies in matches, and tactical capabilities.

Market Summary

Industry overview

Soccer Training and Performance Enhancement Services Business as a coaching and training facility fall under the sports coaching and training industry of the United States. This industry specializes in individualized training at athletics facilities for all athletic games by use of sports instruction and offer of sporting equipment. This industry, as reported by IBIS World, derives an annual average revenue amounting to $8 billion with a forecasted growth rate of 3% from 2015 to 2019. This industry employs 242,907 individuals spread across 138,148 businesses.

Industry trend

Growth in this industry has been bolstered by an increase in sports participation, which has increased the pool of available clients for industry participants. Disposable income has also risen, increasing the number of consumers willing and able to afford discretionary purchases, such as sports coaching instruction. Over five years to 2022, according to IBIS World, the industry will benefit from a continued rise in sports participation, as well as growing public interest in sports indicated by strong TV ratings for sporting events with soccer leading the interests.

Target market

Soccer Training and Performance Enhancement Services Business targets two major categories of the soccer sports lovers that has seen dramatic growth in number of participants;

Children under the age of 14

The number of children in this category is growing tremendously in the region and parents are showing high commitment to engage their children in co-curricular activities and sports. This category deems soccer as the favorite sport and attaining skills and achievement displayed by their role models on TV encourages them to seek training and coaching.

Young people between the ages 17-30.

This category has seen growth in number and participation in team sports. Participation in team sports by this category has increased by over 50% over the last 10 years and is expected to grow further in the next five years. This category has members with self-awareness of skill development and fitness awareness that makes them seek training and coaching in their favorite sport.

Market need

In the region of operation there does not exists technology driven soccer training facilities and services. Soccer players, existing and upcoming want the best training and performance analysis that can help them achieve their best performance skills. Offering this training capacity, bolstered by technological training equipment and performance analysis will make the company attract soccer lovers and players from other training facilities that exist in the region.


To be a community leader of excellence and achievement by helping 50% of our members achieve their sports career dreams within 2 years through individualized skill development and performance enhancement.


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