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Marketing and Advertising Services Business Plan Sample

Marketing and Advertising Services Business Plan
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Executive Summary

This Marketing and Advertising Services Business Plan is for a service based company offering marketing assistance to business and companies of all kinds. The company deploys sales ladies and models who represent company products and provide a sales force to the target product. Also, the company provides promotional solutions, marketing strategies to companies looking forward to emerging and increasing their potential to success. Unlike other marketing services, ITP enterprises exclusively analyzes marketing problems for small and large corporations and develop concrete, practical, long-term, and short-term plan that will start moving their business and products in the right direction through enhanced sales force and promotional plans.

This Marketing and Advertising Services Business Plan has been prepared to lay down the strategic, management and implementation plan of the business and a start-up foundation to allocate capital expenses amounting to $25,000. The amount will be used to implement promotional and sales solution platforms for marketing purposes.


To provide strategic demonstration and promotional services to companies of all niches and help the businesses realize their full potential through tailor made marketing services aimed at promotion and demonstration of their products. Through customized promotional and demonstration services, smart pricing and a sense of trust, it is our desire the businesses we work with will look to us as valued resource to achieve their marketing and sales goals.

Product & Service Summary

The company offers demonstration and promotional services to companies willing to take their business to newer heights of success and productivity. This comprises of building strategic marketing plans aimed at realizing each and every potential of a company. The products offered are;

  • Demonstration ladies/models to represent and provide sales and promotion services to company’s products around New-York and New-Jersey.
  • Promotional consultancy with success based perspective that sees a company build a gradual promotion plan that sees growth in productivity.

Market Summary

Market analysis

Recent studies have determined that offline and actual/ground promotion and marketing plans have seen success in productivity and recognition of products. This have seen a higher conversion rate of promotion to sales of products being advertised on the ground. ITP enterprises has filled this gap by providing actual on the ground marketing and promotional services to products with an aim of achieving company goals and productivity.

Target market

The company targets three district groups in the business ventures. These groups will be focused on the following categories depicted in the graph below;

  • On the ground companies looking to introduce new products into the market.
  • Start-up companies looking for productivity recognition, brand and image growth.
  • Companies seeking added growth/productivity through marketing and promotion.

Market segments

ITP enterprises is dedicated to providing marketing, promotional and management consulting services to small, large and emerging businesses looking for opportunities to increase their potential for success within the sales industry.


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