Bio-Diesel Energy/Fuel Business Plan.


This business plan has been produced to outline the plan and strategy to construct and initialize a biodiesel production plant form agricultural waste. From the fact that there is a huge concern for CO2 emission, our company will use mechanism that will have diversified positive effects to the environment and economy. The biodiesel will be environmentally friendly if produced; it will take charge of the increasing demand for external sources of energy other than coal and crude oil which are being exhausted at an increasing rate.
This bio-diesel production business plan sample has 3 year financial summaries and projections and an attached simple to use spreadsheet to edit the financial figures as you wish. A complete business plan package!


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This is a bio-diesel production business plan. The company will be utilizing algae (agricultural waste) photo bioreactor, the carbon dioxide leaving in a plant’s stack gas can be captured and converted into oxygen and algal biomass. This biomass will then be converted into a useful biodiesel using a process that our company has developed. Not only can the photo bioreactor eliminate the carbon dioxide in plant effluent streams, it can also quickly pay for itself from the valuable biomass produced.


The biodiesel market is on the rise and your business could use this bio-diesel production business plan this rise is mainly affiliated to the fact that that the global economy is dependent on petroleum products for operation of the industrial sector. With the production of crude oil reaching a verge of depletion, other sources of energy are required to make the economy more diversified. Our biodiesel is one of these alternative sources of energy. Our biodiesel is environmental friendly and thus the best alternative that is accepted globally. The world utilizes incredibly large amounts of energy that cannot be fully tallied. This assumes that our product has a large potential within the market that extends to huge boundaries that have not been ventured.
Furthermore, Pending legislature for more stringent regulation on CO2 emissions will bring about a strong demand for cost effective carbon capture and sequestration techniques. Our company will be ready to penetrate the market early and develop relationships with major chemical and energy companies. Additionally, our company will develop solutions for smaller companies with carbon sequestration needs. Our company will be able to adapt our design to nearly any application and therefore service both large and small companies producing carbon dioxide


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